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Raised on Analog combines the talents of a varied group of musicians to provide an entertaining and energetic mix of popular music. We combine the danceability of Funk, Pop and Country, the recognizable lyrics of Classic Rock anthems with the raw power of 80’s music and 90’s alternative hits to create an experience that has something for everyone.

Adrian Ivy - Vocals


Adrian has been inspired to be a singer since she was four years old riding in the front seat of her father’s pick-up truck listening to Heart and The Bangles. She commented to her father “That’s what I want to be when I grow up!” to which her father responded, “If that’s what you want to do, you can do it”.


She grew up in a musical family. Her mother who still sings in local bands and her Aunt who used to run an open mic night were both huge influences on her. She got her first taste of performing in front of an audience in middle school at one of those open mic nights. Adrian was involved with chorus in High School as well as dance team where she fostered her love of choreographed dancing. Today, her Mother, Aunts and Uncles, Sister, and Step Father all play in local bands. It's in her blood.


Adrian was active with Terry Oates and the Mudcats, a local variety band stemming from the “blues” genre from 2010 to 2017 sharing the stage with the likes of Skyla Burrell, Paul Pfau, Danni Leigh, and Ron Holloway. She has learned to have an appreciation for all types of music, being partial to classic rock. As long as a song tells a story, and the music behind it makes you feel something, she considers that success!

Linda Joy - Vocals


Linda started her vocal journey when she was 8 years old. She performed her first solo at her first communion and despite her fears, knew that’s what she had to do. Linda would only practice in the privacy of her room when she knew no one was listening. Her parents didn’t even know she was serious about it until she was about 13 years old, that’s how well she kept her secret. It was at this age that she formed her first band, which was extremely short-lived because, well… teenagers. She has unconditionally supportive parents who still make 4 hour drives to come see her shows. Linda was grateful to have two teachers in high school who truly believed in her talents and helped her prepare to be in this profession. Her passion in life is bringing Joy to others through music, whether it’s through helping others find their own voice or performing with hers. 

Linda is a native of Scranton, PA (which surprisingly existed before The Office), and has made her home in Winchester, VA for the past 12 years. She graduated from Shenandoah University as a Music Major, theater minor, with a certificate in vocal performance. Music and theatre are her life, whether she’s teaching students, directing musicals, leading group acting classes, singing soprano solos with the City Choir of Washington, writing originals or jamming out with her roommate. Previously, she led the 90s band IMPEACHED for 5 years, played briefly with the band WIRED!, and had a original duo called All This Me.

Mick Langford – Guitars


Mick discovered his love of music at an early age.  American country music was not popular in the UK at the time, but his Dad was a huge fan.  So, it was normal to listen to Hank Williams, Charlie Pride and Tammy Wynette in the Langford house.


In high school Mick enjoyed Ska, funk, and reggae.  But, once he was introduced to Kiss, AC/DC and the like, he and became hooked on rock music and set out to become a rock musician.  In the Mid 80’s and early 90’s Mick was the lead vocalist for UK rockers “Mr. Meaner” and later “Ex-Presidents”.  Ex-Presidents released one studio album of original material in 1992 which received critical but not commercial success.


Mick moved to the US in 1993 and married Natalie.  Initially settling in Iowa, they moved to Virginia in 2002 and made Winchester home in 2006.  Mick began to play guitar again more regularly in 2012 and enjoyed a brief stint with a local band playing heavier music.  This rekindled his interest in getting back into live music.


Mick has a broad musical taste and is of the opinion that great music and great songs transcends genre.   Mick enjoys recording and is credited as producer on several singles and albums.

Jeremy Owens - Drums


Jeremy's interest in music began with a love for theater, He felt at home on stage and did several plays and musicals with Winchester Little Theater. At the age of 13, he began guitar lessons with Phil Zickerman. For the next several years he played guitar and sang with several Rock Room bands.


He has also played with a few local bands. Now Jeremy both plays the drums for a local band, Valley Delinquent, and plays guitar and produces music for the band Skies Over Saturn. Drumming was a hobby at first but in 2022 he really started taking it seriously and found that he really had more of a passion for drums than guitar.


In his free time, Jeremy likes producing music and hopes to make a career in the world of music. His musical tastes include classic rock, 80's, 90's, and progressive rock.

Greg Culler – Bass


Greg took an early interest in music, playing in middle school marching band. He began on the trumpet and moved on to the tuba, happier with the lower register that instrument provided.


In high school, he took up the bass guitar and played with some friends (including ROA’s drummer, Randy Craun) in a few garage bands. After graduating, he moved to Houston, TX with his band mates to make it big. After a year and a half in Texas with no big breaks, Greg moved back to Virginia and all but gave up on music in favor of a career in the IT field.


In the summer of 2014, Greg was contacted by some old high school friends to get a band together for their 30th reunion. This supposed one time project ended up as a permanent fixture on the Winchester music scene for the next three years. Raised on Analog has afforded him additional opportunities to entertain people and practice an art that he loves.


Greg is also instrumental in Raised on Analog’s live show production. He assists with live sound, programs and operates stage lighting and has an unnatural love for atmospheric effects. He also helps run the business side of the band making sure that gigs are booked, contracts are signed, websites are up and social media is fresh.


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